Analysis of the Experimental Result Underwater Imaging

  • Zhang Rei
  • Jiang Xingfang
  • Huang Zhengyi
  • Zhou Hanyu
Keywords: Underwater Imaging, Advanced Multiscale Retinex, standard deviation, root-mean-square


For finding the changing law that the interaction between the photons and the water, the experiment has been finish and the result has been analyzed. There are a circle with five colors those are red, white, black, cyan, and yellow under the bottom of the wastepaper basket. The height of the wastepaper basket is 0.5m. The circle is shot by move phone. The image that shot underwater 0.01m is original image. The image that shot under water is distortion image. The distortion images are enhanced by Advanced Multiscale Retinex with different time’s standard deviation cutting out. The enhancement method is based on the Gauss function with k time’s standard deviation. For the every image of underwater imaging, the k is between 0.2 and 3.0 and the step is 0.2. The enhanced images are different from the original image for every pixel. The curve that is between the root-mean-square with the k time’s standard deviation cutting out has minimum value. The root-mean-square is between the enhanced images and the original image for every pixel. For the sequence the minimum value is in different k. The first result shows the deeper the water depth is, the bigger the k is. The depth of water is from 0.02m to 0.36m, the k is from 1.2 to 3.0. Another result shows the deeper the water depth is, the flatter the curve is when k is bigger.

Author Biographies

Zhang Rei

State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics, Second Institute of Oceanography, Hangzhou 310012, China

Jiang Xingfang

School of Mathematics and Physics, Changzhou University, Changzhou213164, China,

Huang Zhengyi

Huaide College, Changzhou University, JingJiang214513, China,

Zhou Hanyu

Huaide College, Changzhou University, JingJiang214513, China,


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