• Dr. Kiran Tiwari Librarian


Changing the traditional library collection for digital or virtual collection presented the librarian with new opportunities. Internet, web environments and associated sophisticated devices have given a librarian a new dynamic role to play and serve a new information based society better than hitherto. Due to the powerful features of the web, distributed, heterogeneous, collaborative, multimedia, multi-protocol, hypermedia-oriented architecture, the World Wide Web has revolutionized the way people deliver information, and new possibilities in areas such as digital libraries, virtual Has opened up. Library, scientific information retrieval and dissemination. Not only is the world connected, but the use of the internet and the web has also changed the fundamental roles, paradigms, and organizational culture of  library professionals and  library professionals. In the article the infinite scope of the internet and the web, the traditional roles of the librarian, the new roles for the electronic library and librarian, the role of  library professionals in the internet and web environments specifically described as intermediary, facilitator, end-user trainer, web site builder is. The researchers, interface designers, knowledge managers and information resources workers, and the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities involved in the relationship between the librarian and the web are also described.


Author Biography

Dr. Kiran Tiwari, Librarian

Librarian at Manipal University Jaipur


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