Analysis of Disruptive Leaders: Key Qualities for Dealing with a Changing Environment in a Digital Age

  • chaiyaset promsri
Keywords: Leadership, Leaders, Disruptive leaders, Disruptive leadership, , Digital age


The purpose of this documentary analysis study was to ascertain key qualities of disruptive leaders using content analysis methods for data analysis. Google search engine was a primary tool for gathering data. Key words such as disruptive leadership, disruptive leaders, traits of disruptive leaders, characteristics of disruptive leaders, and qualities of disruptive leaders were included for the search for data collection. Results found 46 attributes of disruptive leaders retrieved from 6 distinctive sources. This study used congruence index method to identify key characteristics, which was formulated by the median of source consistency. Findings revealed eight qualities of disruptive leaders encompassing lifelong learner, truth acceptance, guide others through disruption, decisiveness, rule breakers, unlock others’ potentials, self-confidence, and business understanding.


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