Publication Charges

IOJPH Journal is a non profit organization. We are doing effort providing a good platform for researcher, scholars and all those who have intereset in research and innovating new ideas.

For publishing research paper we charges a very low fees from author which includes the website maintenance, web hosting, technical writing, formating of papers, printing hard copies etc.

Publication Fee Details:


  • Net Banking 
  • Direct Branch deposit 
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram

Publication Fees Details

Online Publication charges with free E-certificate: $50
In Online Publication Auhtor(s) will get the following:
-The paper will be published online on
- The free e-certificate will be given to author(s)

Publication charges Print Copy of journal:$120
In Print Copy of the journal the author(s) will get the following:
-Hard/Print copy of published issue will be provided to author(s).
- Paper will also be published online for free.
- Certificate will be given for free.
- We charges $120 for the single print copy of the journal. If author(s) need Multiple copy then the author have to pay extra charges $40 for each print copy.

NOTE: The publication charges for fast track process: $100 

Membership Fee: $250 

Note: For pay the publication charge First contact to the
Editor send the PAYMENT MODES DETAILS: Net Banking, Direct Branch deposit, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram.

Note: Once the publication fee is paid and paper published with IOJPH Journal can not be withdrawn at any cost. Author must send paper to one journal at once and wait for the notification about acceptence of his paper.